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At Evolve Partner Group, we partner with you for success.

We listen, observe, and assess in order to recommend and implement practical solutions to your current business challenges.

Is it deciding who the next best leader will be? Bringing on an independent board member? Starting a Family Council? Evaluating current compensation? Updating your vision to reflect strategic priorities? Building harmony within the family? Mediating conflict between owners of the business?

We are experts in getting to the heart of a business’ most pressing challenges and then partnering with clients to address and resolve them.

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Lois Lang has authored several books that delve into the strategies Evolve uses when working with clients.

These are valuable resources for any business owner preparing to hand their company down to the next generation. Pass the Business, Please: How to Transition the Family Company to the Next Generation and Choose Wisely, Please: Entering, Staying, or Leaving the Family Business explore the stories of several family businesses, showing the highs and lows, and ways to cohesively work with family members to build long-lasting companies.
Lois Lang

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Evolve Partner Group's track record of success comes from proudly serving outstanding clients in a variety of industries.
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